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I still remember my first computer. It was Windows XP with 265MB of RAM. Once I researched everything related to games and software, I wondered what was in that 'box'. I disassembled each component in it countless times, under the pretext of cleaning it of dust, and reassembled it.

My first ‘touch’ phone was Nokia 5800 (if you remember the good old Symbian), which survived several custom firmware, after losing the race to Android. The same thing happened with each of my next phones/devices. Broken screen? No worries, the new screen arrives in a day or two, the glue dries in 30 minutes.

In high school, I was going to the social sciences and languages department. I was interested in philosophy! Didn't know much maths, physics, or similar, but guess what - I managed to prepare and rocked admission to Electronic Engineering & Computer Science.

Even though I wasn't prepared for it, I did really well. And I must say, math is interesting!

Curiosity always drove me through my life, and I was always enthusiastic about exploring the unknown. I did many different projects while I was studying, which prepared me very well for the job I am doing now.

I am delighted to work with people like myself, who are hard-working and responsible. If you give your best, I will appreciate it. No more, or less.

latest side projects

sićevo gorge

An easy and reliable electronic pocket guide for those who like to visit the village of Sićevo and the Sićevo Gorge & learn something new.
Check the app presentation here or on Google Play in English or Serbian.

nimi - Accountancy

Android application for taxes and finances in Serbia, salary calculations, news from the economy and a lot more. Check the app on Google Play.


Client/Server python scripts for mandelbrot set calculations. More information and implementation can be found on Github.


The official website for software development & business consulting company Softart. Check the website here.

latest blog posts

How to configure Google Maps API keys for Android

The proper way of setting API keys for Google Maps in Android applications.
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Introduction into Mobile Device Forensics

This is part one of the multipart series exploring the topic of mobile device forensics.
Check out the post on Medium.

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